Jeep Subwoofer Wheel Well Package

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We have the perfect option for Jeepers that want massive bass and still save room. DS18 now has developed custom fitted prefab boxes, just for the Jeep JK, JKU, JL, and JLU.

This tightly sealed box comes in both L and R side and fits snugly into the concave rear openings of your rear cargo space. Now you can have the comfort of having 12-inch bass and still have a custom look and have all your rear cargo space. We included RGB cabling and speaker wires so you can easily hook them up without the hassle of running them yourself.

The box is very sturdy with black sprayed liner and large DS18 inlays. It has an internal volume of 1.4 cubic feet for great bass response and has a very cool custom look that adds flare to your Jeep out on the street or trail.

Package not assembled, professional installation required

1x JK-SUB12/LR

  • Light Weight and strong material
  • Mounting bracket and hardware included
  • 1 meter 6 core input wire (Speaker Input And RGB), Internal Vol Area: 0.95 CUFT /27L, O.E.M FIT
  • (JL comes in 10")

2x GEN-X124D

  • Max Power 900W 
  • size 12" (JL comes in 10")
  • Loud booming bass with an amazing price point that will shake the ground around you.
  • High Quality ferrite motor with aluminum coils for very high power to DB efficiency and loudness.

1x S-2500.1D/SL

  • Surface mount component Technology
  • Audio Precision Quality Control Verification
  • Multilayer PCB Trace Layout
  • Clipping, Power And Protection LED Indicator 
  • Short Circuit, Thermal And Voltage Protection


  • All the wires and connectors needed to run into your jeep